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        Help Our Volunteer !

Our most valuable asset in rescue is our volunteers; there is
no underestimating how important they are and how much they
give back to the bulldogs in rescue.

One of our longtime, dedicated volunteers that has given so very
much over the years, has lost a great deal in a house fire. She
not only lost her beloved bulldogs of her own, but also her cats,
other family pets and several SCBR fosters that she was caring for
at the same time. In all, she lost 6 bulldogs and several other
pets that were family members. Thankfully, her entire family was
away from the home when it first started. She has opened her home
and her heart to animals, particularly bulldogs and our rescue dogs,
so this was a devastating loss for her, on top of the loss of her own
personal things in the home.

With friends and family close by, she will find the warmth of a home
with friends while she picks up the pieces of her life and gets over
the shock of her losses.

At this time, we want to suggest helping Val and her family with
financial support while she figures out what needs to happen next.
She needs to find a place to move to, deal with insurance, pay
deductibles, replace the basics of life and still mourn her many
personal losses.

Even the modest of donations would be helpful while everyone assists
in helping her move forward with rebuilding her home.

We consider you all to be a part of our SCBR "extended family" and we
truly appreciate any assistance you can offer at this time to help out
our dedicated volunteer in her time of need.

Thank you,

Southern California Bulldog Rescue

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     Sensing Murder

         Investigation Discovery Channel

     available on DVD  
Purchase  at The Discovery Store

And available on Netflix 

         If you have any information regarding the
cases shown on Sensing Murder please contact
Crimestopper's to report anonymously at
  law enforcement telephone numbers
are below each episode

Desperate for Answers
On December 21, 1997, University of Colorado senior Susannah Chase
was brutally beaten
and left for dead in an alleyway just blocks away
from her home.  After 8 years the case is
cold and remains unsolved. 
Desperate to find answers, Susannah's family asks detectives to
out to two gifted psychics who work quietly with police departments
around the country
Laurie Campbell and Pam Coronado. Can these two
psychics use their exceptional skills to
re-examine the case and provide
new clues to point police in new directions? Can they
actually "sense
" murder?
The Boulder Police Department would like the anonymous
caller who left information
about what they heard in the Denton County,
Tex., jail to call them back. They can
Detective Chuck Heidel directly at (303) 441-3339.

Mountain Murders
Can psychics Laurie Campbell and Pam Coronado help breath new life
into the investigation
of the murder of Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer, a young
wife, shot to death in cold blood, 23 years
ago? Was Bobbie Jo killed by
someone she knew or was she killed by a random drifter just
through? Was her murder related to that of Annette Schnee, the young
woman who
disappeared on the same night as Bobbie Jo? With little
evidence and no suspects, can our
two top psychics provide investigators
with new leads and fresh perspectives, finally bringing
some closure
to Bobbie Jo’s grieving husband?  Help solve this crime (970) 453-6378

Missing Teens
On August 24, 1979, high school sweethearts Mary Leonard, 17, and
Ricky Beard, 19, vanished.
Their families never lost hope that they might
return, until six years later, when their remains were
discovered in a wooded
area. An autopsy confirmed that they had been murdered. Police in Akron,

Ohio, have investigated the case for 27 years with no arrests.  Now, with the
permission of the
families, they are calling in two of America's most respected
psychics, Laurie Campbell and
Pam Coronado. Psychics believe that objects
that belonged to the victims including photographs,
and even the crime scene,
retain an energy that allows them to see the crime. Can they use their
skills to provide new clues? Can they actually sense murder?   

To help solve this crime contact the Akron Police Department (330) 375-2463

Random Killer
Can psychics Laurie Campbell and Pam Coronado help close the murder
case of Patricia Neufeld,
a suburban housewife, brutally killed in cold blood
28 years ago?  Was Patricia killed by a now
incarcerated serial killer or was
it a random act of violence? With little evidence and no suspects,
can our two
top psychics provide detectives with fresh insights and breathe new life into a
case - finally bringing some resolution to Patricia's three surviving sons?
To help solve this crime contact
the Garden Grove Police Department at (714) 741-5815

Haunted in the Forest
On July 4th weekend, 2005, Jeannette Bauman and Steven Haugan were
viciously murdered in
the Oregon wilderness.  There were very few leads -
and no witnesses.  Investigators have hit a
brick wall...and the case remains
unsolved.   Now - one year later - two of America's top psychics
have been
called in on the case.  Can they help get this investigation back on track...
and bring the
killers to justice? To help solve this crime contact the
Lane County Sheriff's Office (541)682-4167

Basement Horror
On May 22, 2004, 53-year-old Al Kite was murdered in his home in
Aurora, Colorado. He was
struck in the head and then tortured for hours
before he died in the basement apartment of his
townhouse. Two years
later, investigators have a prime suspect but no motive, and no fresh leads.
Spurred on by Al Kite's family, the detectives have agreed to work with
psychics Laurie Campbell
and Pam Coronado to find new clues to this
shocking, cold-blooded murder. Al's sister is desperate
for answers, as
are the detectives assigned to this baffling case. What new leads will
Laurie and Pam
give to the detectives? What fresh insights will they
reveal?  Will their psychic visions uncover the
whereabouts of the prime
To help solve this crime contact the Aurora Police Department
at (303)739-6710

Prairie Predator
On July 30, 2003, Angela Lee, 22, was beaten and strangled to death in
her East Gillespie, Illinois, 
home. Her son, a toddler at the time, was home
during the murder. Three years later the police have
no concrete leads. And
Angela's mother is desperate for answers. Macoupin County Sheriff Don
and Detective Sergeant Mike Kostich have interviewed hundreds
of people in their search for suspects
…but the crime remains unsolved.  At
the request of Angela's mother, they have now brought in two of 
most experienced psychic investigators, Laurie Campbell and Pam Coronado
try and help find
Angela's killer. Laurie and Pam have no prior knowledge of
this case - they know nothing about Angela
or how she was murdered - only
that they are here to help a murder investigation get on track. Can they 

actually SENSE murder?
To help solve this crime contact the
McCoupin Sheriff's Department at (217)854-3135 ext 284

A suspect has been arrested and in custody

The Elephant Sanctuary Hohenwald, Tennessee
The nations only natural habitat refuge. A haven for
old, sick and needy elephants.  They have a  24 hour
 live webcam its great fun to watch the elephants roam free.


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