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Celiac Disease is a lifelong, digestive disorder affecting children and adults. When people with CD eat foods that contain gluten, it creates an immune-mediated toxic reaction that causes damage to the small intestine and does not allow food to be properly absorbed. Even small amounts of gluten in foods can affect those with CD and cause health problems. Damage can occur to the small bowel even when there are no symptoms present.
Gluten is the common name for the
proteins in specific grains that are

harmful to persons with celiac disease.
These proteins are found in ALL forms
of wheat (including durum, semolina,
spelt, kamut, einkorn and faro) and
related grains rye, barley and triticale
and MUST be eliminated.

Cause of Celiac Disease

The cause of Celiac Disease, also known
as gluten sensitive
enteropathy (GSE), is
still a mystery. One out of 133 people
the United States is affected with celiac
disease. CD occurs
in 5-15% of the off-
spring and siblings of a person with celiac

disease. In 70% of identical twin pairs,
both twins have the
disease. It is strongly suggested that family members of a dia-
gnosed celiac be tested, even if asympto-
matic. Family
members who have an
autoimmune disease are at a 25%
risk of having celiac disease. Celiac Disease
not a food allergy - it is an auto-immune
disease. Food
allergies, including wheat
allergy, are conditions that people
grow out of. This is not the case with Celiac Disease.

Treatment of Celiac Disease

Because CD/DH is a chronic disorder,
the only treatment is the
lifelong adher-
ence to the gluten-free diet. When
gluten is removed
from the diet, the
small intestine will start to heal and
overall health improves. Medication
is not normally required. Consult your
physician regarding specific nutritional supplements to correct any deficiencies.
The diagnosed celiac should have medical
followup to monitor the clinical response
to the gluten-free diet.

Dietary compliance increases the
quality of life and decreases the
likelihood of osteoporosis, intestinal
lymphoma and other associated

Because osteoporosis is common and
may be profound in patients with newly
diagnosed CD, bone density should be
measured at or shortly after diagnosis.

Adapting to the gluten-free diet requires
some lifestyle changes. It is essential to read
labels and learn how to identify foods that
are appropriate for the gluten-free diet and
do not contain toxin gluten.

Potential harmful ingredients include:

    * unidentified starch
    * modified food starch
    * binders
    * fillers
    * excipients
    * extenders
    * malt

Celiac Disease Foundation

FDA Food and Drug Administration
Gluten-Free Labeling Proposed Rule

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Little Debbie's Kitchen
My name is Debbie Spicer and I'm a
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It is my passion
to teach others not only how to live with
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Elana's Pantry
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Karina's Kitchen
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California Heart Center

The Survival of Consciousness Research Exploration

This initiative is inspired by Dr. Mack’s interest in
the survival of consciousness
and based on anomolous
experiences since his passing.  It is being carried on
by Maria Talcott, with Laurie Campbell as primary
research medium. Joe DuBois, DonWatson, MD and 
Dr. Berney Williams act as our research advisors.

Based on two months of blind data gathered
after Dr. John Mack’s passing, and supported
by cross correspondence that was documented
immediately after Dr. Mack’s passing; we hypo-
thesize that Dr. Mack and colleagues on the other
side, like the late Montague Keen, a prominent
British para-psychologist and Dr. Elisabeth Targ
are making contact. We have created a platform
to allow this team of discarnates the ability for
regular contact.

Dr. Mack was most interested in how extraordinary
experiences transform human consciousness; and how
an individual integrates these anomalies in their lives
in order to have a more happy and complete existence
as a human being.

Our model uses mediums to communicate with the
deceased (referred to as “discarnates” or “spirits”).
The information received during a “reading” is taped,
transcribed and evaluated.

The protocol for these readings requires a medium
working alongside a person (a “sitter”) who was
emotionally close to the discarnate.  For our specific
project, Laurie Campbell, will be the primary medium.
She will work with Maria Talcott a founding member
of the John E. Mack Institute, serving as sitter, to
contact discarnate scientists.

After Ms. Campbell obtains exploratory information,
a separate set of mediums will be used for “con-
firmatory readings”. These confirmatory readings
are designed to gather data that will corroborate
Ms. Campbell’s information.  These other mediums
have no access to information obtained by Laurie,
or contact with Laurie regarding these readings.

Information received will not only be used to help
determine the validity of this area of consciousness
research, but direction, wisdom and guidance will be
sought from the eminent discarnates to assist us with
advancing this research.

This exploratory research phase is being conducted
over the phone with Laurie Campbell in Irvine CA,
and Maria Talcott in Prescott, Arizona.  All readings
will be taped recorded, transcribed, and assessed for
guidance and direction for what our future work will
be with this research initiative.

About the researchers

Laurie Campbell is the former Director of the
research mediums at the
University of Arizona,
and has been the subject of numerous research

experiments at Universities. She has been featured
on HBO Life Afterlife
with John Edward, George
Anderson and Suzane Northrup, A & E
Beyond Death, Discovery Channel Canada and CBS

Women to Women.  She has a new show on the
Discovery channel
called, Sensing Murder which
will air this fall

Maria Talcott is project coordinator of the survival
of consciousness exploration. 
Ms. Talcott first met
John Mack in 1994 during her participation in a
study of
people who had experienced anomalies.
This contact with Dr. Mack later led
to her position
as Operations Manager for PEER (Dr Mack’s Program
for Extraordinary Experience Research) in the Spring
of 1998. At PEER she
participated in the design of
conferences and served as publicity and media
for Dr Mack when his book Passport to the Cosmos
was released in
1999.  She is one of the core group
members who initiated the founding of the

John E. Mack Institute with John Mack. Her back-
ground is in business management, real estate and
 the environmental field; she has a business degree
from Lesley College.

About the project advisors

Joe DuBois is a trained aerospace engineer, and
research director of this initiative. 
He is skilled at
developing scientific protocol and has developed a
number of programs using scientific methodology. 
He is also married to Allison DuBois, the
real life
inspiration of NBC’s hit show MEDIUM,and author
of the New York Times best-selling books, Don’tKiss
The Good-bye and We are Their Heaven.  Joe is
assisting our team at incorporating creative and
alternative measures of protocol from his years of
observation of the many aspects of genuine medium-

Don Watson, MD 

Dr. Berney Williams is a colleague and collaborator
with DonWatson in various explorations of con-
sciousness. In his role as a Professor with the Holos
University Graduate Seminary, he has served as an
advisor for more than forty doctoral research projects
on Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. Trained as
an historian of science, Berney's special interest is
cross-cultural and cross-species communication. For
example, one of the Holos doctoral research projects
is a study of distant healing with a population of
traumatized tropical birds, which achieved striking
results.  Dr. Williams is also President of The Center
for Environmental Energy Medicine/Studies (CEEMS). 
CEEMS is now the corporate sponsor of The Council
Grove Conference, one of the longest continuously
running annual conferences on consciousness and 
healing research. The Council Grove Conference
will convene its 40th anniversary meeting in the
Spring of 2008




“There is perhaps no more important question to
human beings than whether
consciousness survives
bodily death.  Above all, we want to know if our
individual lives continue in some form, and whether
we may ever
again be in contact
with those we have loved.”

Dr. John E Mack

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