How to Schedule an Appointment

Mediumship Readings

Communicating with our Loved ones that have passed

Readings by telephone are $400.00 per hour.  

Established clients please call Laurie's office at 949-726-1042.  

Laurie only reads one client per telephone appointment.

Parents that have lost a child can have a telephone reading

together.  A session last 1 hour.  Please no speaker phones

or cellular phones.  Laurie does not tape record her readings.

Laurie is very gifted at communicating with pets that have

crossed over.  Appointment are currently being scheduled 

for 2018 - 2019

Laurie is only scheduling 1 hour telephone sessions. 

Telephone readings are the same as an in person reading. 

Currently no in person readings are being scheduled.

We will post on the website when Laurie is scheduling

 in person readings.  


Please send payment. After payment is received we will

call you to set up the appointment date and time.  Due to

Laurie's schedule it can take 1 to 2 months after payment is

received for us to contact you.

Clients outside the United States

You will call Laurie at the appointment time.  Please include

you telephone number and email address with payment. Laurie

only accepts United States funds.  Please do not sent payment

using United States Postal Express Mail or United States Postal

Money Orders.

To arrange a telephone appointment with Laurie please 

send a check or money order to

Laurie Campbell

P.O. Box 4771 Irvine,  California  92616


We accept Pay Pal

Please include your telephone 

number in the instruction box on Pay Pal

Laurie's availability for new clients is limited due to her current

obligations. For those of you who have a request pending, she will be 

in touch with you as soon as she is able.  If you have any questions or 

comments  please email us.

Laurie only endorses the mediums listed on the website.


It is important to go into a reading without any heightened 

expectations of who you will contact, remain open to any or 

all who may wish to communicate and not a particular individual. 

You may have your heart set on contacting a specific person 

who has crossed over but another relative or friend may step

 forward.  Be open to them and recognize them.  Any mediumship 

reading by  Laurie Campbell is subject to the following 

terms and conditions:

1.  Your reading is solely for personal use.

2.  No portion of your reading shall be used for your commercial benefit. 

3.  Any unauthorized commercial use by you shall violate Laurie Campbell's 

rights, including but not limited to her right of publicity and privacy.

4.  Your reading does not authorize you to use Laurie Campbell's name, voice, 

signature, photograph, or likeness, in any manner, on or in products, merchandise, 

or goods, or for purposes of advertising or selling, or soliociting purchases of, 

products, merchandise, goods or services.  

5.  Any unauthorized commercial use of Laurie Campbell's name, voice, signature, 

photograph, or likeness, in any manner, shall result in damages sustained by 

Laurie Campbell.




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