Laurie Campbell is an internationally renowned psychic medium who does evidential based mediumship to show there is an afterlife. She has been studied by independent researchers and scientists at major universities, work that has been featured in books, academic reports and television. She held the post of Director of Mediumship at a university laboratory for 7 years. Laurie's years of work in the study of psychic research was featured in television shows that highlighted her extraordinary talents. 

Laurie was recently featured on Tyler Henry’s Netflix show Life After Death.

She has worked with police departments as a criminal profiler to help solve both current and open investigations and cold cases, some of which are over thirty years old. The Discovery Channel's show Sensing Murder is now available on Amazon Prime and follows Laurie Campbell's work helping detectives solve real life murder cases. 

Psychic Medium, psychic crime investigator, sensitive and private reader for thousands of clients, Laurie Campbell is passionate about doing readings and working in research to delve into the meaning and possibilities of what she believes are universal psychic communications we can all access. "I'm proud to have read for people all over the world," she declares. "I help people to learn more about the process of this kind of communication. I work as a bridge to make contact with their loved ones in spirit. Death is not the end, but a new beginning. Spirits are just a thought away at any given moment. They are with us always. I always feel as if I'm the secretary that hears and transmits the messages from them, to tell you the things they want me to help them say and share. You can ask them questions that you may have as well. Family, friends and pets all come through in my sessions."  
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